What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed Aggregate Concrete1Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a natural as well as stylish product which has a shimmering overall appeal!  Exposed aggregate concrete can provide your property that natural traditional sense that will offer your present residence a new comfortable atmosphere.

Precisely how is exposed aggregate accomplished?
Following the ground base preparing along with reinforcing metal (rebar or perhaps mesh) as well as forming materials have been installed, the actual concrete is poured, screeded, floated as well as troweled just like a typical smooth finish concrete job.

Subsequently we have to really uncover the top of the concrete in order to expose the actual pebbles. This really is completed simply by spraying the covering layer involving concrete “retarder” in order to the surface of the concrete. This kind of retarder is really a liquefied combination that will stop the top surface area (1/8 inch) layer of concrete in order to solidify, since the concrete beneath hardens as it typically should.

Together with many years of knowledge, we decide when it’s the suitable time for it to rinse off the top layer. What we should look for is actually stiffness within the concrete however, not complete solidity. When it’s about time, we all then take a garden hose or even light duty pressure washer as well as carefully rinse off the top layer associated with concrete in order to reveal the actual stunning coloured pebbles on the surface.

Immediately after letting the actual concrete to completely cure with regard to 28 days, it really is subsequently time for you to acid wash as well as seal up the actual aggregate. Acid washing is performed very carefully using a basic combination of 7 parts muriatic acid. The actual acid takes away virtually any concrete residue/film around the exposed pebbles and also polishes your aggregate.

Once your concrete area is completely dried out, the heavy layer associated with concrete sealer will be put on the top which is the ultimate phase in order to help making the actual exposed pebbles glisten and also to achieve the never ending “wet look”.

If this sounds like something that you are interested in doing for your home/business, give us a call at Austin’s Pools & Concrete or if you prefer you can email us any pictures and or ideas that you have about your design. Contact us today for your free no obligation quotation. Let’s see how beautiful we can make your property one pebble at a time.

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