Fiberglass Pool Contractors Must Know

Top Quality Tips Fiberglass Pool Contractors Must Know (Part 1)

In principle, Fiberglass Pools might seem to be the simplest type of pool to fit. Just dig an opening and drop it in…Right? In theory that’s correct, however it’s not quite that easy. In fact, installers make a few mistakes all time, plus a poorly installed pool tends to make an unhappy pool customer. So if you are for the purchase of a fiberglass pool you have luck. We’re going to discuss the 5 Keys to a prosperous fiberglass pool fixing. Here they are:

Key #1: A Solid Foundation

This might appear like a no-brainer however it is the culprit behind the failure of several pool installations. Here are a couple of things to look out for:

* Setting the pool shell on disturbed soil- When the hole will be dug, when the excavator accidentally digs too deep we have a tendency to make that area copy with the same soil. That’s a big NO! The area need to be brought nearly grade that has a compactable base material. If this is not done right, the earth will eventually settle and for that reason will the pool. It doesn’t please take a brain surgeon to learn that means trouble.

* Uncompacted base material- After the hole is excavated a leveling material for example sand or gravel is dumped within the hole and it is leveled to be base to the pool shell unwind on. If this material isn’t properly compacted the pool will settle as time passes.

These problems can easily be avoided from the contractor through the necessary time for you to insure the pool rests on the solid foundation. We have written extensively within this topic and are also proponents of clean crushed gravel like a base material.

Key #2: Sound Pool Leveling Methods

Because a fiberglass pool is often a one piece unit it isn’t realistic you may anticipate that it will likely be perfectly level. The industry standard states that this pool is usually up to one inch away from level in forty feet. We shoot to find the pool in just a quarter and can settle to get a half-inch. I have seen installers’ uses any means beneath the sun to find the pool shell level while some are good others are worst.

We teach how the best method to level a fiberglass pool is always to completely lift the pool outside of the hole and either add or eliminate material to obtain the pool on the desired level. We also teach to run the pool floor following the shell is determined to insure your entire pool is purchasing base material without voids. These two techniques will insure that this pool is just not only level, but resting rolling around in its natural state and freed from disproportionate stress at any point.

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